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Puppy Visit

*Starting at $25 for 30 minutes
Discounted rate for multiple visits a day

This service is super important as puppies need a regular routine to learn and adapt to household life quickly.


Shelburne, Mono, Amaranth, Orangeville, Horning Mills and Alliston

Service includes:

  • Initial meet & greet

  • Potty Break

  • Feeding (if required)

  • Playing & interacting with your puppy

  • Reinforcing training commands

  • Cleaning up any accidents your puppy may have had

  • Short walks when your puppy is fully vaccinated


  • Dog(s) must be 12 months or younger

  • Dog(s) must have secure collar or harness

  • Dog(s) must be up to date on vaccinations

  • Dog(s) must be good with new people

  • Provided record of any medical issues

  • Key to your home

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